Welcome to Lifestyle Solutions. My goal is to make sure you reach your fitness goals with a workout regiment tailored to you goals and needs. I will motivate you to reach that higher level of achievement and break through all barriers which may be holding you down. Together we will live by the words - Creating Positive Lifestyle Change


  • One On One Personal Training
    Get personalized attention and specific direction while you workout. A great option for those who need extra push to achieve better results. Receive one on one private training, at my studio or at your home.

  • Online + Smartphone Mobile Training *NEW*
    Ideal for busy travellers and gym-goers, who need workout guidance while at the gym. I will customize workouts that you can perform yourself while at the gym, and I'll update them monthly based on your progress.

    With your own login, you can access the workouts Online or on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry Smartphone. Track the stats on the Smartphone, and I monitor your progress online, and alter your routine when needed.

  • Small Group Training
    Need to lose weight for your wedding day? Or for your vacation with friends? Get your friends, family, and partner together for group training sessions
  • Bootcamp
    Bootcamp sessions at the park for busy people without gym memberships, who want to get in shape and stay in shape
  • Military Style Workout

  • TRX Training

  • MMA Training

  • Swim Training

About Myself

Emanuel Grunwald

My training philosophy is based on a simple principle " Different strokes for different folks ". I will do anything to ensure that we find the proper fitness modality suitable for your needs and goals. My workouts focus on you having fun and doing what you enjoy. Ultimately, with my unique approach using every functional training tool and method out there, you will reap the benefits, of increased mobility and strength. YOU will experience overall good health.


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